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At one point in the book, he asks Moss what was the need of following the rules that he followed if they did not lead him to good.The actions of Anton Chigurh are motivated by his desire for honour which he believes comes with having money.Appearance of Anton Chigurh and Carsorn Wells who were also in the trail of the money Moss stole shows how fate changed the kind of life Moss lived after the incident.The leading information resource for the entertainment industry.

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This is because the violence represented by Chigurh demanded an equally brutal person (Raff, 7).

Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.In the beginning of the movie Llewelyn Moss, who was a hunter sees a limping dog.

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They ensured that the cameras only showed what the viewers needed to see.The author portrays his knowledge by use of perfect idiomatic language.

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When watching it, I realized they were able to achieve dark, violent, and very disquieting comedy that I would encourage everybody who has not watched to go to a movie house and watch.

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He then tries to track Moss along a motel but Moss fooled him by making him believe that he is in a room next to where Chigurh is by keeping the money in vent.Every day turns out next essay for those who refuses to declare that are we are what factors do make sense. Loading.In this case, the author represents him like someone who does not believe in any God since he behaves as of he has right to the lives of those he kills.This could have been so with those who had hired him to track the money but he also ended up killing them.Sheriff is a former law man and a product of informal system of honour that existed in the past generations.Watching the film No Country for Old Men, I realized how the Coens were able to make transitions from one scene to the next instant.The author is well known for throwbacks and a cinematic novel writer which is most seen in No country for Old Men.

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This movie starts as if it is evening during sun set, then the sky clears and the sun rise.No Country For Old Men Essay IdeaNo Country For Old writing a doctoral dissertation Men Essay Idea No designer babies essays.He is able to take advantage of the power fate gave him over the other people.The movie is originated from the novel written by the American writer Cormac.The first time I watched this film at the film festival, I knew it was what I would describe as a perfect film.At this moment, Chirguh could brutally kill anyone who crossed his ways since the motivating factor was to recover the money.It has three major characters engaging in an expensive drug deal.

On his way back, he gets involved in a serious accident that leaves him injured and his arm broke.His pursuit for money was also another motivating factor for Anton Chirguh.

He is chasing after money that had been obtained through a drug deal but Llewelyn Moss had escaped with it after picking it from an open field.When Bell learns that Chigurh is hunting for Moss and his wife, he runs to them to inform them of the danger that they are in.The novel indicates a country where people are just rushing and fighting, gunshots and car crashes.Anton Chigurh has a cold relationship with others in the novels due to his brutality that makes others to fear him.A moment that greatly intensified my attention was when Moss was moving quickly out of his motel room window and immediately after Chigurn enters and fires his gun.I just watched No Country for Old Men and my question is do we know for sure.There are no incidences he is holding peaceful discussions with other people in the novel.Fate is an unavoidable chance into which a person finds himself.

When he meets victims who do not have enough reasons to be killed, he tosses a coin to decide their fate.He develops doubt as the whether he is still fit for his work.NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN By Cormac McCarthy. And I said well mam I dont think you got any worries about the way the country is headed.Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have.